How do we deliver?

Manage, Measure, Motivate (M3 Approach)

Manage, Mesuare, Motivate. M3.

The experience of our leaders led us to build PL Systems from the ground up with a commitment to process rigor coupled with the flexibility to adapt to demanding client needs.

We made that commitment real by working with the Fraunhofer Center at the University of Maryland to develop a comprehensive solution development, solution delivery, and team development framework. We named it Manage, Measure, Motivate, M3. M3 institutes our organization’s CMMI level 2 rated processes. For each phase of M3, we have pre-defined processes, templates, and assessments. We use CRM tools to minimize operations costs and ensure process adherence with commensurate consistent service delivery.

We measure ourselves continually and reset performance to achievable higher levels to always improve towards excellence. What and how does all this process impact you? It means you can sleep at night knowing if the worst happens, you have a competent partner.

We consider our M3 management approach to be a unique process set for executing contracts and operating PL Systems for maximized value to our clients and colleagues. Our M3 approach integrates management, operational metrics, and people that execute the work into a single cohesive capability. Using commercial best practices such as ITIL, EVMS, and Portfolio Management/governance tools, we can evaluate potential benefits for the wide variety of IT service and IT service dependent tasks and contracts our clients need.

In today’s highly structured agency environments, we know agencies need to be transparent and accountable for the IT and contract dollars budgeted and spent. A key first step for all of our engagements is to determine agency policy and systems lifecycle and IT architecture requirements.  From these agency requirements, we refine our proposed solution to identify the measures, management processes, checkpoints, and motivating performance requirements our team needs to achieve, to enable the achievement of your objectives.

Manage Provide Commercial Best practices to deliver on-time/on-budget results that meet and exceed our customer’s mission objectives.
Measure Usage of service level metrics to track administrative, operational, and project progress and quality of work.
Motivate Provide a working environment that recruits, retains, rewards, energizes, and improves employees’ skills while maintaining work/life balance.

Project Management

Our M3 program management approach incorporates industry PMI principles, CMMI, ITIL, and practical, hands-on IT lessons learned. We integrate these into a single, cohesive business methodology. We support this process with cloud-based tools to reduce overall project management overhead costs, to implement innovative solutions.

It is our goal to provide a smaller team of qualified, higher-performing technical personnel able to deliver superior project performance at a significant savings.

PL Systems has delivered all past projects on time and budget (or at less than the estimated budget value per defined scope).  Our business objective is providing the personnel resources to develop and deploy small and large-scale IT solutions.  Our M3 management framework is an optimal solution for service delivery transparency, monitoring and reporting project performance, task delivery, and adherence to on-demand budget and reporting requirements.

For each project, program, or contract, PL Systems develops a comprehensive Program Management Plan (PMP).  This plan solidifies scope, processes, tools and resources we propose to meet your needs. We then have a quarterly “Customer Care” meeting with you to assess the performance of our team and make adjustments as needed to ensure your satisfaction.