The PL Systems Team

PL Systems Team Member (Small Business Type) IDIQ Capabilities
IT and systems engineering processes Advanced QA Processes Design capability Performance Based  Contracting Technical Assistance Data Analysis Administrative Support Program Management
Key: Not Applicable  Experienced  Highly Experienced 
PL Systems, Prime (Prime, SBA Certified 8(a))

Established in 2004, PL Systems is outcomes based federal services support contractor and IT integration specialty company.  We use a CMMI appraised Manage, Measure Motivate (M3) management philosophy to meet client needs. Our M3 approach integrates management, operational metrics, and people that execute work into a single cohesive approach to managing processes, support staff and most importantly, client results. By using commercial best practices such as the Information Technology Infra-structure Library (ITIL), Earned Value Management System (EVMS), and Portfolio Management/governance tools, combined with efficiency metrics and M3 processes, we are able to deliver predicatable results efficiently.

Omitron, LLC (Small Business)

Omitron is an Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology small business firm headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland with a field office located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Since 1984 Omitron has provided excellence in engineering services and product development to government and industry customers for both civilian and military aerospace programs.

Drawing from a long legacy of successful projects and the unique experience of our staff, Omitron is ready to provide innovative, effective solutions to a wide array of U.S. Navy missions.  Omnitron can perform specific technical or management tasks, provide a package of skills for long or short term needs.

LAC Group (Woman Owned Small Business)

LAC Group (LAC) is a premier provider of information management, library support services, research, staffing augmentation, and consulting for libraries and information projects in the government and commercial sectors.  LAC’s 30 years of experience serving the knowledge management needs of national and global corporations and other federal agencies provides our team with the depth of institutional knowledge and breadth of experience needed to provide excellence and value to our clients. Two unique offering from LAC group are 1) LAC Group’s Library as a Service (LaaS) will do for information what Software as a Service (SaaS) has done for technology — provide flexible, cost-effective solutions on-demand that require no infrastructure commitment or upkeep. 2) Our Chase Cost Management (CCM) merged with LAC Group in 2012, adding years of experience in contract negotiation and expense reduction. Whether managing costs for software, library resources, service providers, or supplies, we ensure that you don’t spend more than you have to.

Quality Assurance Program

Ability to Monitor and Maximize Quality Using CMMI and 6-Sigma

PL Systems assigned a dedicated Quality Manager, to ensure our team’s QA checks and protocols are adhered to as a matter of practice. We tailored our corporate QA policies and procedures for SeaPort-e. Our QASP documents the contract and task procedures, with corresponding measurable performance standards, used to ensure high quality, low defects, and high customer satisfaction.

The figure shows the work flow around those procedures the PL Systems team will execute against the performance standards to continually improve. As the task progresses, we will collect and report data and report at least monthly. We will review and assess the data and perform trend analysis seeking out recurring problems that if eliminated, could improve performance. Corrective actions will be created, coordinated with SeaPort-e or SeaPort-e clients as needed and implemented for the next cycle of improvement.

Each QASP will treat the performance standards defined in the Project Management Plan (PMP) as a baseline; we will build it out to include any additional aspects of our performance that, by measuring and monitoring, we can improve. The QASP is a living document, incorporated to our PMP, and includes detailed performance standards such as:

  • Requirement: A specific definition of each performance standard to be maintained
  • Performance Standard: The specific performance level or numeric target we are measuring
  • Allowable Deviation: The specific amount of acceptable difference between the desired target and lower and upper thresholds where corrective action is required
  • Surveillance Method: The specific methodologies and periodicities to monitor our performance against each performance standard and reporting where we define the type, format, and frequency of our reporting

We also continuously “raise the bar” on our own performance by making performance standards that we regularly exceed more stringent. All performance requirements and reports will be provided electronically. Inspecting and certifying deliverables and analyzing risk and issues (and performance of fielded systems) for root causes is necessary, but not sufficient. We also subject our technical and management processes to rigorous review using Lean Six Sigma techniques (including periodic, facilitated kaizen events) to drive down costs, improve efficiency, and promote standardization.

Approach to Guarantee Responsiveness and High Satisfaction

Continuous service improvement is key to maturing the project team remains responsive and cooperative with the Navy clients. Producing program results and steadily improving productivity and quality guarantees cooperation and ensures the Navy mission objectives are met. Our approach includes a broad range of methods and techniques, which we will apply and tailor as appropriate. A list is presented below. All PL Systems Team deliverables will be posted to a SeaPort-e Portal (with SeaPort-e COR approval). We believe this capability will simplify reviews and reduce version control errors that can occur with e-mail delivery of numerous deliverables.

Method Description

Deliverable Review

Before we submit any formal deliverable to SeaPort-e, the PL Systems Quality Manager will review it to ensure it meets all SeaPort-e requirements. After certification, we submit the deliverable to SeaPort-e and archive it as “submitted.” Following revisions and formal COR acceptance, we archive it as “accepted.”

Complaint Handling

We treat complaints with high priority because we recognize that doing so is an effective way to ensure SeaPort-e mission success and helps strengthen SeaPort-e relationships with its stakeholders. Our corporate policy is to investigate reports submitted as a result of an external customer complaint, take action to prevent a recurrence, and analyze the complaint to identify and eliminate potential noncompliance.

Customer Care

Mr. Richard Ruiz leads our Business development effort and Customer Care program. Our Customer Care organization is below. Our Customer Care program is designed to be an additional quality and performance assessment program that provides SeaPort-e and its clients with an additional line of communication to our senior leadership. For each Task, our CMO will schedule a six month informal meeting with the COR of the task. This meeting will have a very broad agenda and the focus of the meeting is for the COR to discuss the task.

We know from experience that service contracts are people intensive efforts. We know that as pressure builds on project teams there can be friction and differences of assessment on the best course of action. Our CMO will meet with SeaPort-e PMO and SeaPort-e clients to independently assess project performance and report to our executive team his findings. Using this independent forum, PL Systems gives clients an opportunity to express the intangible of their level of satisfaction.  Once assessed by our CMO, PL Systems will take action either formal or informal to ensure 100% satisfaction with our commitment to client mission success.