Vir2us Product Innovation

The early architects of the computer industry did not envision global public networks, such as the internet, or the computing devices and environment that comprises the computer industry today.  These early designers of machine language-based computer resource management hardware and software could not have foreseen the capabilities of such networks or the many security problems that such an environment would produce.

The demand for greater and greater processing capability quickly overran the architectural limitations of these now-obsolete computing processes.  Solutions offered by the computer security industry today are mere patches to the many holes in this legacy fabric and an outdated way of thinking about secure computing.  As a result, these solutions address only the symptoms of a much larger and more fundamental design problem.

The vir2us VMunity suite of software and software enabled hardware solutions takes a different approach to secure computing by fundamentally changing the way computers work.  Vir2us replaces legacy computing processes for using computer hardware and software with a highly innovative architecture that makes cyber borne threats irrelevant.  Vir2us VMunity technologies make secure computing proactive rather than reactive, operating below the OS to deliver higher performance, an unchanged user experience and compatibility with virtually any computing platform.

Virtually all cyber security solutions on the market today are top-down and outside-in solutions that simply cannot cope with unknown cyber threats.  These legacy solutions erect barriers and attempt to identify cyber threats from constantly updated lists.  Once these barriers are breached, however, these solutions provide virtually no security.

Only vir2us patented VMunity technology enables zero vulnerability computing environments to provide inside-out and bottom-up endpoint security.

Vir2us – Thinking Differently about Cyber Security

Virtually every cyber security hack or exploit that has been widely reported in the media began with an endpoint security breach.  Yet, most cyber security firms do not provide genuine endpoint security solutions.  Why not?  Because nearly all solutions providers approach cyber security from the perspective of the hacker, (also know as an “outside-in” approach).  These methods of attempting to keep out hackers and malicious software consistently fail because once checkpoints are breached these security methods collapse and provide virtually no security.

Legacy above-the-OS solutions (top-down) are quickly bypassed by low-level exploits in the kernel and bios.  Legacy antivirus and even more recent list-based solutions simply cannot keep pace with the quickly evolving cyber-threat landscape, and add significant latency and overhead to networks and computing resources.

Vir2us thinks differently about cyber secure computing.  We recognized that aging computer designs were not architected for today’s cyber connected world and that an innovative and fundamental change in the way computing resources were managed was required.  The result is a patented secure computing platform that makes endpoint computing  immune to to both known and unknown cyber-borne threats.

Vir2us VMunity Platform


The Vir2us VMunity Platform provides the technology required to protect network endpoints through Nano-virtualization and a three dimensional COS matrix. This Platform delivers a secure computing ecosystem by employing the following features:

  • Secure sealed Ring 0 Hypervisor with user resources isolated and inaccessible to attackers
  • Virtual computing environments that provide intense isolation and segmentation through Nano-virtualization, resulting in the protection of user resources including OS, applications and data
  • A secure minimum trusted computing base
  • A reduced attack surface which is limited to a single Virtual computing environment
  • Trusted Platform module located below the sealed Hypervisor

Watch the video on how VMunity works and learn more…

Watch Video and Learn More

iKit-The VMunity Platform Developers Kit


iKit is the automated learning and configuration module for the VMunity Platform that makes information managers the cyber security experts inside their organizations.  iKit enables the automated custom configuration of the VMunity Service Matrix and allows developers, designers and system managers to build cyber security directly into bespoke applications software.  iKit enables zero vulnerability levels of secure computing and defense-in-depth in the most demanding critical service environments.

iKit is also designed to allow users and providers of critical infrastructure and industrial controls applications to quickly and easily add next generation, 100% secure VMunity technology to their applications used in mission-critical, dedicated computing environments.  iKit exceeds the capabilities of virtually all legacy security solutions on the market today and defeats both known and unknown threats.  This allows for the creation of secure computing processes that are inherently immune to cyber threats.  Legacy security solutions do not address unknown threats and provide virtually no security once breached.

Once you have used iKit to create the VMunity-Inside module for your application and computing environment, you have the option to deploy the module through your own network or through the Vir2us’ cloud deployment system for managing enterprise wide deployments.

Vir2us Citadel-Securing Government and Critical Infrastructure

The U.S. Government has estimated over one billion attempts are made each year to breach its information systems.  Once inside most government systems, these cyber spies encounter little security.  Additionally, global governments are the first line of defense in what the U.S. Department of Defense refers to as the “fifth battle field”, which includes all critical infrastructure including water, power, banking and communications to name just a few (The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has defined seventeen areas of critical infrastructure).

Citadel is a fully integrated system for real-time monitoring, defense and response to cyber threats against nation states critical infrastructure that quickly intercepts cyber threats before they become active, and provides actionable data for real-time planned response.  Citadel incorporates the patented Vir2us VMunity technology to deliver 99.99%-100% end-point security in classified data environments and for securing critical infrastructure and digital assets.

Genesis: Automated Computer Service Solution Suite

The Genesis component of the Vir2us VMunity Suite quickly restores computing environments to a day-one, pristine state to provide complete assurance of uncompromised and secure computing.  Genesis can be deployed from the cloud, from a local handheld device (iPac3) or a laptop server appliance.

Genesis is a patented computer restoration service that performs a 100% restoration of the computing system environment including the BIOS and kernel.  Genesis takes a “digital snapshot” of a computer’s operating environment and quickly determines if the computer to be restored has any mechanical or hardware issues that would preclude its repair and restoration.  Next, Genesis creates a new and pristine computing environment, completely rebuilding the computer using a proven and patented “known-good” methodology.

Genesis restores all user data with first, second, and third level data recovery, applications environment recovery and restoration (including keys). The target computing system need not be bootable to be serviced.  Genesis automatically and comprehensively repairs and restores all data structures, eliminates 100% of embedded malware without having to identify it, and returns the computer to a day-one optimum state while retaining all data and customization.  Complete computer restoration typically takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon drive size and speed, processor speed and hardware configuration, and is comprised of over 1,000 processes including:

  • Computer restoration that is state of the art, repeatable, and not dependent on the capability of a technician
  • 100% restoration of malware infected PCs while preserving user data and applications
  • Real time comprehensive system diagnosis
  • Smart backup to external USB storage device
  • Active malware elimination
  • Application key recovery
  • Comprehensive data recovery
  • Account reset

Genesis automatically recreates the computing environment using source certified pristine templates for OS and applications while eliminating malware and other forms of corruption. The Genesis device has a lifetime replacement guarantee, version updates from the Cloud and technical support

Disk Drive Upgrade and Replacement – More than 70% of computer users experience degradation from disk drives that are over 80% full or low speed OEM production drives. Upgrading drive size and speed can improve computer performance by up to 3X.  Only Genesis offers disk drive upgrade and migration that is fast and economical and does not require user disks and keys.

Computer-to-Computer Upgrade and Migration – When users purchase a new computer they typically need to move their applications, critical applications data files, user data, and custom settings.   If they do not have their applications disks and keys this is nearly impossible.  Genesis allows for the rapid recovery and migration of applications and user data between computers with different operating systems, and without the need for original applications disks and keys.  Genesis retains the computer user’s software investment that often exceeds the value of the computer itself.


XeroPass is the first truly secure identity authentication solution of its kind that enables computer access to all your systems and online accounts from your smartphone and eliminates the need to create, remember, enter or update user names and passwords. XeroPass gives you real-time control over all access and transactions.

XeroPass employs a triplex cyber security schema based on patented technologies that government security and academic experts have dubbed “game changing”. The data required for accessing any specific account is never stored on your computer or in the same place at the same time or in any form that can be viewed by others.

XeroPass is an extensible solution to the problem of secure authentication that has plagued some of the largest online companies with greater frequency.  The password files of these firms are under constant attack, requiring more complex and difficult to remember passwords.  The days of using passwords as a method of securing access and information are numbered.

Only XeroPass provides secure authentication and auto login functions along with an extensible
Architecture that can be adapted to virtually any application including:

  • Real time approval of corporate expenditures
  • Real time approval of credit card and banking transactions
  • Automation of intranet secure authentication and updates
  • Automatic updating of  login information for ecommerce sites
  • And much, much, more…

XeroPass represents the next generation of cyber security solutions and meets the criteria for
secure authentication and communications set by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST).

Vir2us Return on Investment

The Vir2us VMunity platform eliminates latency and overhead resulting in greatly improved network and computing  performance.  Most firms will realize an almost immediate return on their secure computing investment.  Additionally, only Vir2us provides a fully integrated set of secure computing components that ensure pristine and uncompromised computing environments.

The Ponemon Institute did a study and focused on the following cybercrimes:

  • Stealing an organization’s intellectual property
  • Confiscating online bank accounts
  • Creating and distributing viruses on other computers
  • Posting confidential business information on the internet
  • Disrupting a country’s critical national infrastructure

The Ponemon Institute compiled the following costs accrued by a business battling the above cybercrimes:

  • Costs to detect, recover, investigate and manage the incident response
  • After-the-fact costs such as business disruption and loss of customer

Ponemon researchers visited 257 companies (each having at least 1,000 seats), completing 2,081 interviews with management personnel. There were 1,717 total attacks used to measure costs, and $7.6 million US was the average annualized cost. The report adds: “Approximately 10 months of effort was required to recruit companies, build an activity-based cost model to analyze the data, collect source information and complete the analysis.“

The above incidents show how data breach incidents are leading to claims against directors and officers, as well as the company itself. The US and EU are leading the way with mandatory data breach notification and disclosure requirements, focusing on protecting information held by companies and mandating that privacy and data protection policies be put in place and implemented. Directors should not only be concerned about any damages awarded, but also the associated costs, including a lower share price, reputational damage and defense costs.